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A deep massage to relax your body and give it the energy it needs for everyday life. A feeling of comfort and well-being for absolute relaxation.

- Aroma Touch : with its pure, powerful essential oils, reduces aches and pains, boosts immunity and soothes the body and mind.

- Californian massage : is a holistic approach that aims to relax and awaken mind-body awareness. This massage uses long, slow, fluid strokes to achieve deep physical and mental relaxation.

- Ayurvedic massage : Derived from traditional Indian medicine. "AYURVEDA" means Knowledge of life or longevity. It reduces stress, heart rate and blood pressure, burning sensations (diabetic neuropathy) and knee pain.

- Lomi-Lomi : Also known as Hawaiian massage. In the Hawaiian tradition, Lomi-Lomi is a ritual of passage from adolescence to adulthood, involving dancing and singing. Its benefits are as much physical as they are mental. It increases vital energy, blood and lymph circulation, and cleanses and eliminates toxins. It can also help with childbirth.

- Na Masso : Totally adapted to your needs according to the professional's feeling, this massage uses all the techniques and knowledge for well-being and relief of physical and mental tension.

  • Rates: 30 minutes ~ €30 /1 hour ~ €60 / 1 hour 30 minutes ~ €90

Massage offered by Sophie, Stéphanie orEnguerran

Discover Sophrology

Take some time for yourself and give yourself a break through the discovery of Sophrology.

manage your day-to-day life using simple, natural methods & share a few keys to help you open the door to well-being.

  • Individual rate: 1 hour ~ €60
    Group rate for 4 people or more: 1 hour ~ €15 per person

Sophrology activity proposed by Sophie


Yoga session

Book a yoga session in a calm and relaxing environment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you'll enjoy classes adapted to all levels, focusing on postures, breathing and meditation.

  • Individual price: 1 hour ~ €60
    Group rate for 4 or more people: 1 hour ~ €15 per person

Yoga session by Marie


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